Ours is a mixed gender team of open-minded and like-minded folks in their early 30s; our core is in Milan with a few of us in various corners of the globe. What brought us together was the way we struggled to identify with the self-pleasure market as it stood; the girls longed for an alternative to the lurid colours and pornographic undertones a vast majority of products came with, while the guys had been left perplexed by attempts at shopping for toys with their girlfriends through the usual physical and digital routes.
We set our hearts on a series of key products that would place the emphasis on aesthetics as well as efficiency.
We wanted (Y) toys to look as good as they made us feel.


What came next? From ergonomics to speed, we selected the perfect range, with each style designed to cater to specific needs and wants. Expertly crafted from safe materials, intuitive and simple to use, our toys are moulded for a perfect fit and flexible enough to hit your body in all the right spots. Easy to clean and easy to charge, they are all about low maintenance and high satisfaction.


We believe happiness starts from the vagina and are passionate about giving everyone the tools to master their own pleasure and explore their sexuality on their own terms. Pleasure is a funny and complex beast, which is why the ways to conquer it should be easy, approachable and affordable. If you’ve heard of the pleasure gap, then you know exactly what we’re talking about; if you haven’t, this is what you need to know.

By bringing toys out of the nightstand drawer and out in the open, we’re hoping to promote open minds and happy vaginas.

Join the (Y) revolution now.