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Lumpa’s Astrolog(Y): The August 2021 Moon Horoscope

What to expect on the feeling front this August? Our favourite astrologer is back to tell us all.

By Aurelie | 8 August 2021
Eugenia Manko illustration for the lunar horoscope of Yspot with Lumpa

Our favourite astrologer is back with an incredibly insightful moon horoscope to tell us more about what to expect this August with the signature fresh and insightful approach we love her for.

Still unsure as what your moon sign is? Scroll down!

Moon in Cancer aka the Buck Moon

The August moon is all about the circle of life. Wheat is what comes after the crop, once the grains have been spread out on a sheet to dry in the sun. It is a highly creative time, the result of the fusion of female and male archetypes. It is a highly masculine moon however, one that is as much about sex drives, desire and creativity as it is about competition; some, in fact, call it the “moon of conflict”. For relationships, August might be make or break time (we’ve all been there). It also happens to be a very productive and rich month from a creative perspective, and one might go off on random daydreams about growing bonsais or whatnot… After all, creativity and reproductivity are the two things Leos are most renowned for.

Moon in Aries

There might be some trouble brewing on the family or relationship front. It’s nothing that cannot be overcome but there is something in the air that might drive you to challenge and argue. Try to be a little more understanding.

Moon in Taurus

This New Moon sees you full of energy and highly motivated, but do ensure you are going in the right direction. It might be worth asking yourself a question or two, or asking a friend. The end of the month might bring some amount of bother.

Moon in Gemini

This lunar cycle marks an important step in your own personal storytelling, but there are challenges ahead. Trust the natural course of events and try not to apply pressure and control situations; just try to welcome and accept what comes along.

Moon in Cancer

Something that was born somewhat recently might develop in interesting ways under this lunar cycle. There is room to grow and communication is on point. A decision will have to be made towards the end of the month.

Moon in Leo

This Moon might exacerbate a conflict and thus bring irritability and dissatisfaction with it. Relationships might evolve and change, some sudden and unexpected, but don’t make brash decisions or judgement before the end of the month.

Moon in Virgo

Things are moving on the sentimental front that might end up being highly positive, even though that might require some intense discussion. You have room to manoeuvre and might even end up feeling satisfied.

Moon in Libra

After a year of emotional highs and lows, now is the time to start rising again. For some reason, I feel as though you will figure out just how to act your revenge against someone and won’t you do it well! Charm and seduction on the cards, especially around the Full Moon.

Moon in Scorpio

Your emotional journey isn’t an easy one at this time and in some way or other this will require for you to prepare and show what you are made of early on. You will figure out what this is actually all about later this August.

Moon in Sagittarius

Something has been troubling you but there is hope for you to come out of it victorious. This time offers fertile ground for conflict, which you ought to try and manage wisely. Next month might end up being highly decisive for something that is important to you.

Moon in Capricorn

You have a lot of support to prepare for a change that will come soon. Use your energy to organise and plan ahead. You are also blessed with the skill of seamless communication at this time: use it to make requests.

Moon in Aquarius

You will be asked to express the reasons for your disapproval and you will do just that, with the right attitude, through clear and transparent communication and with no hidden intention to hurt anyone. Or at the very least this is what you will try to achieve.

Moon in Pisces

Things are happening and moving, especially in the emotional sphere. This new lunar cycle is setting up the foundations for the next, which will be of prime importance and already promises to be a time for you to make crucial decisions.

To find out more about moon signs and why they matter so much, you may catch up on the chat we had with Lumpa via Instagram Live

How to work out your moon sign?

To find out your moon sign, it doesn’t take much more than your date of birth and place of birth; while the time of your birth will also be requested, you might leave it blank if you don’t know it for sure.

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