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Lumpa’s Astrolog(Y): The July 2021 Moon Horoscope

Our favourite astrologer is back with an incredibly insightful moon horoscope to tell us more about what the summer entails.

By Aurelie | 10 July 2021
lunar horoscope by Lumpa for the july moon

Our favourite astrologer is back with an incredibly insightful lunar horoscope to tell us more about what the summer entails and everything this new July moon will bring with it.

Still unsure as what your moon sign is? Scroll down!

Money in Cancer aka the Buck Moon

What needed to be done has been done, and the July Moon shines its light on what you sowed, cultivated and watered during the cold winter months. This phase is all about supporting and welcoming. It also happens to be a highly psychic and whimsical time, one during which dreams might offer some incredible insights.

Moon in Aries

There might be some trouble brewing on the family or relationship front. It’s nothing that cannot be overcome but there is something in the air that might drive you to challenge and argue. Try to be a little more understanding.

Moon in Taurus

Things are happening on the emotion front that might deliver a number of great surprises, especially pleasure-wise. It might be that you launch into a screaming match but then end up making up between the sheets.

Moon in Gemini

Love is in the air, and that includes the kind of sex you have when you fall in love, full of romanticism and expectations. You might experience some amount of paranoia as is usual to Gemini but that only serves to keep you mentally stimulated.

Moon in Cancer

Your feelings take centerstage and for many this might be a summer of love. A new phase of your emotional life is about to start. This July, it is definitely out with the old to make room for the new.

Moon in Leo

Things are happening in your erotic and emotional life. The atmosphere might be positively electric if you are involved in a new relationship, while they might be somewhat more complicated for anyone for whom things are a little rocky. Highly intense energy.

Moon in Virgo

It has been a somewhat challenging time for feelings but some of the pressure will come off this July. You crave romance. light-heartedness and peace. Communication is improving.

Moon in Libra

July opens a new chapter in your emotional life. Something that might make you nervous at first will soon prove to be a winning solution. Let things to happen as they might very well go better than you would expect.

Moon in Scorpio

There is a lot of desire in the air, but this sex drive might turn into rage if you don’t handle it well. Try to be a little more strategic and not so impulsive if you want to turn the tables and take matters back in your hands.

Moon in Sagittarius

Feelings are improving and whatever worries you will be left behind. It is a good time for your emotional and sexual self, one that finally allows you to focus on seeking pleasure, travelling and partying.

Moon in Capricorn

July brings a high emotional charge on the romantic front in a soft and mellow manner that is very uncharacteristic of Capricorns. It might be a trial period for a new relationship: if it passes the July test, then it might very well last forever.

Moon in Aquarius

July is make or break time for unstable relationships. That being said, miracles might very well come from bad dynamics and totally flip the situation. Use your intelligence.

Moon in Pisces

You might feel serene at last and find the time and space to reflect upon how to solve an important matter. It is the best Moon for your intuition, trust it and let it show you the way. Mental clarity is everything.

To find out more about moon signs and why they matter so much, you may catch up on the chat we had with Lumpa via Instagram Live.

How to work out your moon sign?

To find out your moon sign, it doesn’t take much more than your date of birth and place of birth; while the time of your birth will also be requested, you might leave it blank if you don’t know it for sure.

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