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Lumpa’s Astrolog(Y): The June 2021 Moon Horoscope

We have teamed up with an astrologist we all love and shares our love for critical thinking: introducing Lumpa’s monthly moon horoscope

By Aurelie | 10 June 2021
Illustration by Eugenia Manko

Who doesn’t love lunar astrology and isn’t a little obsessed with their horoscope? We always like to approach things from alternative perspectives in ways that make a difference. Rather than offer the umpteenth variation on the classic zodiac horoscope, we decided to team up with an astrologist we all love and shares our love for critical thinking: introducing Lumpa’s monthly moon horoscope.

Why look at the moon? Because, much more so than the sun, it speaks to our emotional sphere and provides guidance in how to deal with our feelings and manage our intimate interactions. Often overlooked, it says a lot more about our inner lives, which is what we’re all about. To find out more about moon signs and why they matter so much, you may catch up on the chat we had with Lumpa via Instagram Live, right here

Still unsure as what your moon sign is? Scroll down!

The June Moon aka the Honey Moon

This Moon is all about change and favouring new encounters in a world of possibilities. The approaching eclipse brings with it a strong energy that is all about replacing the old with the new: something will exit your life to make room for something fresh and exciting. It is the perfect time to get messaging and exchanging on social networks, and the perfect time to meet new people. It might even bring back someone from the past or from far away. 

Moon in Aries

Whatever weird vibe may have presented itself in May is still very much here in June. The mood is slightly better but there is still discontent in the air. Should you have recently severed ties with an important figure, the eclipse might bring with it someone new.

Moon in Taurus

A really good time for happiness, relationships and sex. It is also a fantastic time to get swiping on dating apps and truly enjoy and explores all kinds of physical pleasure. There seems to be a solid future for things that are just starting out…

Moon in Gemini

There is a strong possibility you might find a new partner in record time if you recently broke up. This is the mighty power of the eclipse! Someone might be leaving to allow for someone else to come in: it just takes a little magic!

Moon in Cancer

You are about to bring home something special, something you have been craving for a quite a while now. It will come towards the end of the month although it will actually start with the eclipse, which you might not realise there and then. More than a little tenderness in relationships. 

Moon in Leo

Someone you met recently might prove to be really bold and forward as far as you’re concerned. The eclipse could mark the start of an important relationship, and it looks as though someone will be giving you plenty of attention.

Moon in Libra

Someone is about to show up from far away, or to take you far away. It might be someone from your past with whom you still have some way to go and a journey to share. A great time for anyone who is recently single. 

Moon in Virgo

You should pay extra attention to the way you behave; and do the same for the person you share your life with. There will ve disagreements, which the eclipse will definitely bring out. Try to work on your communication skills to ensure things are as clear as possible. 

Moon in Scorpio

There is tension in the air and whatever things may have been left unsaid will end up feeling heavy as a rock. It would be best to try not to let them explode as you might be the one losing out. Try to communicate as tactfully as possible.

Moon in Sagittarius

The eclipse might end up getting in the way of a current relationship. Think back to whatever may have happened in December as the two are linked. Try to pay extra attention to the way with communicate, with words and in every other way.

Moon in Capricorn

While this is a trial period for your relationship, it isn’t overly challenging. The only relationships that might end are the ones that don’t have a future. More promising relationships will try to figure out how to make things better and actually implement these changes. A few stressful moments, but nothing too serious. 

Moon in Aquarius

You might build up a little anger towards someone whose actions will drive you insane. Observe your rage and try to move forward beyond the first wave of resentment. Try to act wisely.

Moon in Pisces

The eclipse will bring significant changes. They will have an effect on your upcoming year, although it might be a little early to truly get a sense of it now. A few communication issues and mental stress. Try to be patient. 

How to work out your moon sign?

To find out your moon sign, it doesn’t take much more than your date of birth and place of birth; while the time of your birth will also be requested, you might leave it blank if you don’t know it for sure.

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