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No charging required: All about crystals and their aura-powered vibrations

Crystals hold a power over us and our bodies, whether we believe it or not. And it is now universally recognised that all matter has an aura. 

By Aurelie | 18 October 2020
Plates with crystal of different colors
Words by Elena Cuboni It’s a known fact that needs no outside validation: crystals hold a power over us and our bodies, whether we believe it or not. And it is now universally recognised that all matter – us, minerals, plants… – has an aura. 

What is an aura anyway?

Everything that is made of matter is made of atoms; atoms have an energy, a vibration and an energy field we identify as the aura. Good news is, we too are made of matter and as such we all have an aura! The human energy field is made of a number of elements, manifested through a number of bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual. Our physical body can only achieve true balance if all our other bodies are in sync.

Approaching wellness from a physical, spiritual and sexual perspective

Just like we take care of our body and soul, we should pay as much attention to our sexuality, which doesn’t solely involve sexual intercourse but bringing awareness and spirit to that area of our lives, and understanding the importance of loving ourselves in order to truly love other people. Taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves is part of a journey towards knowledge and self-awareness, which also involves, in my opinion, the ability to experience pleasure, whether spiritual or physical. 

Supporting psychophysical well-being through crystals

“I’ve always been drawn to stones!”, “Quartzes are truly beautiful, I’ve collected them since I was a child.”… These are some of the sentences I typically hear from people when they discover what I do. It’s as though we’ve always known the benefits of crystal therapy but have since ignored them through some trick of the mind. As I stated previously, they have an effect on us whether we believe in them or not. Their mere sight brings us well-being, as they release vibrations that enter our electromagnetic field in order to cleanse it and bring us balance.

Why stones are potent allies to promote self-love

Taking care of our body and pleasure through the use of crystals is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years and rests on a nearly ancestral connection with materials whose existence predates ours. Crystals, as we saw, come with their own deep vibration, which may be nearly undetectable on a physical level but is extremely potent on a spiritual level. The use of precious materials such as jade and pink quartz brings light and peace to our sacred space, a luxury we sometimes forget to treat ourselves to but that, now more than ever, is in tune with us. 

To each crystal its own power

Beyond beauty and magic, if we decide to work on ourselves with a mineral, we need to do so with the right knowledge to avoid any “undesired effects”. Personally, I am a strong believer in choosing according to our best instincts but also think it is crucial to be aware of their unique properties.

All about pink quartz

Related to love and matters of the heart, pink quartz has a sweet and serene vibration. It heals and cures wounds, making it easier for us to give and receive love. It has the power to chase away our worries and help us feel truly centred.  On a physical level, it affects blood flow to the tissues, working on our heart and sexual organs, and helping us overcome problems or obstacles in that sphere. 

Key facts on green jade

By protecting us from and clearing away negative energies, green jade brings balance to our mind, body and spirit. Connected to the oneiric world, it acts on our deepest emotions to bring them up through our dreams and help us achieve great inner wisdom.  On a physical level, it affects kidney function, stimulates our nervous and immune systems, reactivates blood flow and rebalances our entire body.

About Elena Cuboni

The daughter of two doctors, Elena has always been immersed in yoga and meditation. In 2014 she took her first steps in the world of crystal therapy in Oregon, under the watchful guidance of her Master, Karuna. Over the course of the years she further pursued her studies on personal growth and self-awareness, including new disciplines such as Human Design, which she studied at International Human Design School. In an effort to bring together a team of experts from the holistic world and their respective skills, Elena founded Intuizione Cristallina, a portal dedicated to psychophysical well-being through a series of professional disciplines. “Taking care of oneself is an act of true love towards ourselves. Making a conscious decision to know, accept and love who we are in our own unique way is a sign of great respect and gratitude towards the whole of humanity.

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