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Is summer libido a myth? Rethinking sea, sex and sun.

Summer is indeed the season of skin, the season of sweat… but does that necessarily translate to an out-of-control sex drive?

By Aurelie | 21 June 2020
Sea, sex and sun: a view on Capri and female sensual body relaxing and sunbathing
In songs, in films, in magazines, in books: for years, every year, the world has wanted to sell us on the idea that summer is the season of sex. Summer is indeed the season of skin, the season of sweat… but does that necessarily translate to an out-of-control sex drive?

Hormones are real.

More serotonin…

Anything that has to do with human sexuality is always heavily influenced by hormones. They respond to a number of factors, and seasons are definitely one of them. Why does summer stand out as the most carnal of them all? Studies have shown that increased sunlight is highly tactical on a number of levels.  One way in which prolonged exposure and longer days influence our bodies is through a decrease in melatonin, largely considered to be a regulator of sex hormones. Less melatonin, higher sex drive? Another reason why we may feel like slaves to our hormones is a clear increase in serotonin levels as a direct consequence of sunlight. Serotonin boosts our pleasure-seeking inclinations, encouraging us to be more sexually active and adventurous.

… but less testosterone?

Yearly testosterone fluctuation is commonly referred to as seasonal testosterone variation. In essence, testosterone levels cycle throughout the year, peaking in the late fall and early winter, and hitting a low point in June.

Healthier body, dirtier mind? 

Keeping fit, getting horny?

Summer months also often bring out the desire to work out and eat healthier, which naturally boosts libido. While they naturally fluctuate, testosterone levels can increase with exercise, not to mention the way working out tends to heighten our confidence and sense of desirability.

The season to be lazy

On the other hand, summer heat provides the ultimate environment for a certain sense of apathy to grow and thrive. While there is no universal truth, many of us tend not to act up on our feelings of arousal as part of a clever strategy to keep activity levels at a bare minimum.

The confidence paradox

Showing skin to feel better about ourselves?

Sexual cues are everywhere in the summer. Sometimes referred to as the “sexualisation of the environment”, the sharp increase in more revealing garments is directly related to greater awareness of our own sexual aura and seductive power. Wearing less to feel more? We’re in!

Too much of a good thing?

Can there ever be such thing as too much skin? Some research shows that the naked body is more captivating in winter months due to the scarcity of bare skin. Some studies have shown our brains to get somewhat acclimated to revealing clothing, thus normalising nudity outside the sexual sphere.

The right compromise? More me-time!

Contradictory hormonal fluctuations, counter-productive weather conditions, the summer nudity paradox… How to stay grounded and make sure your sexual needs are adequately met? Masturbation, obviously. Why we champion it all year round, we want to make this, and every one that comes next, the summer of self-love. Our travel-size, nicely quiet and sunny-hued range is the perfect place to start.
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