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Lumpa’s Astrolog(Y): The September 2021 Moon Horoscope

As summer ends, much of our lives resumes. How to make the most of this key transitional time?

By Aurelie | 7 September 2021
Illustration of a woman in a warm red jumper drinking a glass of wine

September is about big changes and small revolutions. To help us handle them in the best possible way, our #1 astrologer Lumpa shares her insights in the latest moon horoscope.

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The Harvest Moon

This is the last of the summer moons, the one that signals a change in weather and the start of a rainier season. It is commonly known as the Harvest Moon, a throwback to Farmers’ Almanacs and the age-old tradition of grape harvesting. Wine serves as a strong symbol to represent our connection to the divine; it inebriates and opens our conscience to the experience of love. 

This Moon offers the perfect opportunity to reflect upon living together and make decisions, whether it is about moving in – or out… The home is the main hub where routines are resumed and back-to-work schedules are organised. September is when summer ends and, as winter looms, it is the right occasion to prepare and plan ahead for colder months to come; back in the days, this was the time to stock up on food and other key supplies. This is also when we should look after our health and take care of our bodies. This Moon brings clarity and favours intuition, and the while inviting us to dedicate more time to ourselves and a little less time to social occasions.

Moon in Aries

This is a troubled month, but you already knew that much. There is change on the horizon and it looks as though it might happen in the most explosive way possible. Your emotions might be confused and create conflict.

Moon in Taurus

The next Full Moon will bring its share of emotions; for some of you, this has been long overdue! This is a significant time for your feelings, and there might very well be a special someone in your close circles.

Moon in Gemini

September is a challenging month as far as feelings are concerned, but this might be a positive thing after all. Careful however not to misinterpret things and end up building false hopes around relationships; keep your emotions in check!

Moon in Cancer

This is when you should look after yourself and strive to look your best, as you move on and leave some heavy emotional baggage behind. From here on, it is all about going forward and finding the strength to grow. Enjoy this peaceful time. 

Moon in Leo

While you might feel slightly dissatisfied overall, you have plenty of energy and are ready to start off again on the right foot. Relationship- wise, you might need to get used to new rhythms and agree to a compromise or two.

Moon in Virgo

There is something in the air this September that suggests a change of habit. This might be in the form of a challenge on the intimate front, one that might have to do with your relationship, your home or maybe your mum. Prepare to feel emotional as the New Moon comes.

Moon in Libra

This is a nice month for feelings, which might even bring an interesting proposition. A lot of things are about to change (although you don’t realise it yet), and this Moon is a first step in that direction. This is the best time to look and feel your best.

Moon in Scorpio

It looks as though you may be feeling tormented, perhaps as a result of making the wrong call, and may not currently be in the best of moods. Find it within yourself to be patient: relationships will go through ups and down, and some will simply meet their fate.

Moon in Sagittarius

A pretty good month for relationships and new encounters; you will also enjoy a rather solid sex drive. The Full Moon will help free you from a heavy burden you had been carrying for a while.

Moon in Capricorn

There is tension in the air, and you may need to look into your relationship to work on potential conflict and blame. The Full Moon will feel liberating.

Moon in Aquarius

A change is on the horizon, which might have to do with your relationship. Whatever it is, you will feel reenergised as a result. Good communication skills, so use this time to make decisions that may potentially involve your partner.

Moon in Pisces

Necessary changes you have been postponing and avoiding in every possible way are now in order. You will feel so much better afterwards: GET. IT. DONE. This month will still feel a little hectic, but you will gradually feel more and more serene.

To find out more about moon signs and why they matter so much, you may catch up on the chat we had with Lumpa via Instagram Live, right here

How to work out your moon sign?

It doesn’t take much more than your date of birth and place of birth; while the time of your birth will also be requested, you might leave it blank if you don’t know it for sure.

A great place to work out your moon sign and birth chart is

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