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Water-based intimate gel


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What is Flow?

It is an intimate gel created for superior lubrication. For everybody and everyday.

How to use it?

Flow was created to last longer and never get sticky. You only need to use a small quantity and reapply as often as needed. The result is a more fluid, more enjoyable, totally safe experience. Use during solo play with a toy (it is ideal with silicone toys) or with a partner (it is safe to use with latex condoms).

What is it made of?

Only natural ingredients, chosen for everyone’s sexual wellbeing. Aloe vera allows for superior hydration while hemp seed oil strengthens and protects; quinoa and oat are ideal for their anti-inflammatory properties and promote skin elasticity; blueberry and orange extracts provide fantastic antioxidants.

More importantly, Flow’s formula doesn’t contain a number of harmful substances: parabens, petrochemicals, glycerin, alcohol, sulfates, dye, fragrances, hormones, sugar.
Water-based formula
Compatible with silicone toys
Plant-based ingredients
Free from parabens and glycerin

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