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Every six months, a guest artist expresses their vision of pleasure, wellness, love and desire through a series of unique pieces commissioned by Yspot and available exclusively through

Edition 001

 aiam maia

aiam maia

Maia, or aiam maia, born in Uruguay on 24 December 1995, has always created and painted.

She began her artistic career in 2014 in Argentina, where she studied Fine Arts at Regina Pacis. In 2015, she followed an additional course in fashion and textile.

In 2017, she moved to Barcelona. There, she took courses in a variety of subjects including in comics and watercolour, at the Davinci School of Art. That year, she also started making murals in places like Los Angeles, Venice, France …

In 2018, she was admitted to the Barcelona Academy of Fine Arts where she studied digital and 3D art. In 2019 she was awarded a scholarship to start a second course in figurative sculpture at the same Academy.

In 2020, she entered the world of jewellery, making her first jewels with gold and diamonds.

Since 2020, she has been collaborating with Yspot, making illustrations and other works characterised by her distinctive aesthetic.

The artworks

22 dildos and candles whose unique shapes take us to enchanted woodlands filled with magical mushrooms.

Each dildo is handcrafted, fired at high temperature, painted with solvent-free body-safe varnish and fired a second time. The double firing process and high temperature ensure superior resistance.

The candles are crafted and painted by hand.

Finding myself as an artist.

“I’ve always loved painting, creating things and combining colours. I’ve created a magic world, the place where I feel most comfortable. It’s a quiet and dark, in the middle of the woods; I can see flowers starting to bloom, while fairies and magic creatures appear.”

The magic of mushrooms.

“Mushrooms started appearing in my work four years ago. They are connected by a root network called mycelium, which can be used to provide minerals from long distances to other trees and plants. They are a strong metaphor for the way we as people are connected. It speaks to my experience as a person with connections all over the world.”

Working with Yspot.

“When Yspot first approached me, I thought how people normally associate sex toys with penises. Instead, what first came to my mind were flowers, mushrooms and plants. I wanted to show how we can pleasure ourselves with so much more than phallic shapes.”

Art and self-love.

“Every single piece I do, no matter the medium, is a piece of me. I start creating, painting or sculpting and I suddenly find myself, tapping into a feeling or a mood, consciously or unconsciously. Each dildo is unique, original and handmade with all my love. I’ve felt a very deep connection with every single piece, each one is special.”

Meet Maia

Crafted b(Y) is a platform through which voices from the contemporary art scene can express themselves and share their vision of intimacy and pleasure.

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