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Happy vulvas: a simple guide to the perfect intimate wellness routine

Essential to preventing infections, itching and UTIs, intimate hygiene is fundamental. This is a guide to the right products and habits.

By Giada | 3 April 2022
Cecilia Grandi

Having the right intimate wellness routine is about more than avoiding to use shower gel as intimate wash; it is about finding the right balance for one of the most delicate body parts there are. Here are a few simple tips to keeping your vulva healthy and happy.

Why does intimate hygiene matter?

For too long, intimate routines were largely centred around vaginal odour shaming, as part of a narrative based on fear and guilt, whereby washing was necessary to maintain freshness and sport a nice fragrance. Back in the days, a number of toxic products were advertised, including vaginal disinfectants full of harmful chemicals and perfume. But that’s definitely not how it works!

Let’s remember the vagina is self-cleaning, should never be washed internally and has a natural smell regulated by hormones and pH. When the latter is altered, vaginal odour will change; should the smell be especially strong, it might be a sign that pH balance needs to be restored, and it might be the sign of an infection. To prevent such issues and steer clear from UTIs and candida, washing one’s vulva with specific products is key.

Create your intimate wellness routine: washing, moisturising, protecting.

How to build the right intimate wellness routine? Everything we know comes from generations of shared common knowledge. Time for a much needed update to help you find your perfect routine!

  • Wash with Care. Always use dedicated intimate washes (including in the shower!), with the right physiological pH, and without any perfume or foam. Ideal for everyday intimate hygiene, our aloe vera-based intimate wash will answer your hygiene need while soothing and moisturising at the same time.
  • Looking for extra protection? Try Restore. The vaginal pH is constantly threatened, which is why a probiotic-enriched intimate wash might be necessary. At the gym, at the beach, at the pool or during periods, it increases the vulva’s natural defence, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal action.
  • Keep your vulva moisturised with Nourish. Much like your face, your intimate parts deserve and need skincare. From hair removal to tight clothing, a number of factors might irritate vulvar skin, which is why we created a dedicated natural oil. Apply it to soothe irritations, relieve dry skin or try using it as a massage oil.
  • Promote internal balance with our supplements. Last but not least, the right food supplement can offer durable and substantial support. Formulated with targeted ingredients, from prebiotics and probiotics to yeast and cranberry extract, our range was created to promote a healthy bacterial flora and prevents infections and issues such as UTIs and candida.

Using the right products will make a significant different and will help you feel much better. However, here are a few more important things you should keep in mind.

7 simple rules to the right intimate wellness routine

Promoting a balanced vaginal flora and protecting it from bad bacteria are the main reasons to implement an intimate wellness routine. Besides using the right products, learning the right gestures is fundamental.

1. Choose the right pH for your intimate wash.
An acidic pH is ideal from the first period to the first signs of menopause, while a neutral pH is perfect pre-period and post-menopause. 

2. Wash once or twice a day.
Go easy on your bacterial flora: don’t wash more than once or twice a day, and always do so with the right intimate wash. Alternatively, just rinse with water.  

3. Wash before and after sex.
Peeing after sex is instrumental to prevent infections and clear bad bacteria. You may also wash before and after sex, and yes, that includes masturbation.

4. Always go front to back.
Going back to front will cause the wrong kind of bacteria to end up in your uro-genital area, which you definitely want to avoid.

5. Don’t douche.
Only consider vaginal douches if specifically prescribed by a gynaecologist. As a general rule, only wash externally, or you’ll risk harming your natural bacterial balance. 

6. Always clean your toys.
Use a specific toy cleaner like Pure or an antibacterial intimate wash with a little water. Before AND after.

7. If you use pads or tampons, change them every 3/4 hours.
And rinse with water every time you change. Remember this is an especially delicate time for your pH.

Following those simple steps will drastically improve your intimate, and therefore overall, wellness!

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