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Delicate intimate wash


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What is Care?
Care is a delicate intimate wash made from plant-based ingredients for everyday intimate hygiene. Its soothing and strengthening ingredients are ideal to take care of the vulva without altering its natural pH.

How to use Care?
Created for daily use, this aloe vera-enhanced formula was created for vulvas and external genitals. Use a small quantity externally with lukewarm water, and apply from front to back to avoid infecting the vulva and vagina with anal bacteria. Rinse thoroughly and dry gently.

What will you find inside Care?
Care is an intimate wash enriched with soothing calendula extract, cucumber to boost moisture, ginger for skin elasticity and green tea, a strong antioxidant, Essential oils add a naturally fragrant touch while providing further hydration. The combination of calming hempseed oil and anti-inflammatory aloe vera make this the ideal formula to soothe irritation and protect skin on a daily basis.

Plant-based ingredients
No parabens, fragrance-free

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