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Toy and hand sanitiser


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What is Pure?

It is an alcohol-based disinfectant spray created to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and enriched with plenty of selected plant-based ingredients.

How to use our Pure spray?

Pure was created with a double function in mind: sanitising toys, before and after use, and sanitising hands, a daily gesture that has never been more fundamental. Just spray it on the object or skin and rub until dry.

What is it made of?

Besides alcohol, which is essential for killing germs, Pure is full of natural ingredients chosen for their special properties:

  • * tea leaf extract: natural antiseptic with moisturising properties
  • * blueberry: antioxidant-rich extract with soothing and nourishing properties than can protect even the most delicate of skins against external aggressions
  • * aloe vera: natural substance with superior soothing and moisturising properties
  • * calendula: natural extract with a soothing and anti-redness action
Plant-based ingredients
Free from parabens and glycerin
Compatible with silicone toys

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