Probiotics to the rescue!

Probiotic-enriched intimate wash


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What is Restore?

A gel formula enriched with probiotics, this antibacterial intimate wash was created to restore balance and boost natural defence. Ideal for delicate vulvas and intimate parts, Restore protects against harmful bacteria, yeast and fungal infection, while promoting a balanced and healthy bacterial flora.

How to use Restore?

At the gym, at the pool or during the first days of the menstrual cycle, Restore was created to protect vulvas through their most vulnerable moments. Apply a small quantity to the vulva or external genitals and wash from front to back with lukewarm water to avoid any infection from anal bacteria. Rinse thoroughly and dry gently.

What will you find inside Restore?

Restore is enriched with a fermented oat complex with prebiotics and probiotics for superior antibacterial action. The addition of lactobacilli makes it ideal to restore and protect skin microbiome. Green tea and aloe vera provide the perfect blend of moisture and comfort.
Plant-based ingredients
No parabens, fragrance-free

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