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Why you’ll love it

We’ve always suspected crystals hold special powers and whether you feel it or not, this is the ultimate upgrade on the classic anal plug: smooth curvy design and a stylishly luxurious material. Great to look at, and even greater to explore with.

Why did we choose to work with stones? Because we believe their natural vibrations are a fantastic way of promoting well-being by releasing tensions and balancing the body’s energy flows. This specific design is an especially precious tool to stimulate and strengthen the root chakra.

Which one to choose?

Pink quartz is a soothing crystal, a precious source of emotional support capable of healing emotions, soothing heartache and banishing negative feelings such as fear, anger or resentment.

Jade is a purifying crystal chosen for protection and balance.

Your wellbeing comes first. The crystals we choose were especially studied for internal use. Being non-porous means they are completely safe and especially suitable for anal play.

Every single toy is unique in its design and undergoes a thorough quality control process to ensure smoothness and integrity. The unique nature of each stone means there might be slight variations in shape and colour.

How you can use it

Specifically designed for anal use, this is the ultimate way to get your body ready for anal intercourse with a partner. You may also want to use it during vaginal intercourse to experience new sensations on both sides.

If you’d rather play solo, you may explore on your own and potentially use it alongside your favourite vibrator for a truly unique and safe double penetration session.


Composition: Rose Quartz / Jade

Dimensions: 110 mm x 36.5 mm x 32.5 mm

Weight: 150 g